Could your church be caricatured?

Seth Godin has a great post on brands and caricatures.

He points out that to have an effective caricature you need to have “exceptional features” you can accentuate. These become your brand.

He goes on to say:

As Nixon discovered, when the caricature becomes negative, it’s almost impossible to escape (glad I’m not Bob Nardelli or a shareholder at Topps hamburgers). Worse than avoiding the negative, though, is the tendency for most organizations to resist creating a brand that can be caricatured. It doesn’t feel safe or responsible or prudent. Coloring inside the lines and pleasing most of your customers most of the time almost guarantees you’ll be bland.

It’s a lot cheaper and faster and more effective to have a big nose.

What about your church? Could it be caricatured? And could you handle it if it were?

I think the Vineyard Church of Waterville could be caricatured. Check out this 5 minute VCW 3rd Birthday video and see if you agree.

Marc A. Pitman

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