This could be us

[Warning: A rant of political nature is about to commence]

This morning as I heard a BBC’s World Service report on the insult to Islam of naming a teddy bear Muhammed, I had a shocking thought: This could be us.

Think about it. Change the name to “Jesus” and you’d have all the people passing on the latest urban legend about the FCC taking “God” off of TV writing letters to the editor. You’d have the social fundamentalists squawking on the Fox News talk shows. You could easily have the picketing and demonstrations like those reported by CNN.

Don’t believe it? Have you read an email against the Golden Compass lately?

I’m got quite scared when I thought about people like that being elected as president. Fortunately none of the Republican presidential candidates seem to be social fundamentalists. But we currently have a president (who I voted for both times) that has sanctioned domestic spying against us and our neighbors without Congressional approval and who passes legislation only after elaborate signing statements that explain why the rules don’t apply to his administration. How much further would it take to have state mandated prayer in schools? Or some other state mandated religious observance?

You may be concerned this pastor is sounding like an atheist. I’m not. I’m a committed and passionate follower of Jesus. But I don’t believe in “following Jesus” the way I see espoused by political pundits like Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and James Dobson.

Personally, I praise God I live in a secular state. Is it messy? Yes. Do things happen in the US that I’d rather not see or have my kids exposed to? Certainly.

But I’m free to choose what to believe and free to learn how to work out my relationship with God. I know Robertson, Falwell, Dobson, and others have helped countless millions in their faith with God. Good! May I be so used some day.

But when we start demanding all of society censor things to fit our worldview, we get into an awfully addicting power trip. One that throughout history more often than not ends up in protests like those in Sudan.

This cultural warfare has more in common with the Taliban than with Jesus.

Maybe I’ll go get a teddy bear and name it Jesus just to remind me this the next time I’m tempted to think a bill or a vote or an election is “essential” to “protecting” my faith as a Christian.

[The rant is now over. 🙂 ]

Marc A. Pitman

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