Out of the mouths of babes

Yesterday after church, Caleb looked at his electronic, handheld Connect Four game and said, “Dad, it seems like alot of my toys say ‘Made in China’ on them.”

I said, “Yes Cale, more and more of our things in the US are being purchased from China.”

Cale: “Well then, shouldn’t we be selling more and more stuff over there too?”

Talk about a proud father! He gets it!

So we had a little lesson on global economics:

  • how free enterprise involves getting goods for the least cost
  • but how in our global society, the least cost often is the product of slave labor or inhuman conditions. (I’m currently reading IJM’s Terrify No Moreabout the ongoing problems of bond slaves and human trafficking are.)
  • And how we should be carefully weighing the real cost of our purchases between dollars and cents and the values of freedom and dignity that we hold dear.

All this as we were driving into our local Wal-mart.

Ironic, no?

Marc A. Pitman

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  1. rich

    greed…money…huge trade deficits..consumer choices…
    it’s all part of the equation.

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