Lenten Program

My wife put this out across our church’s email list yesterday.

Come if you can! I’m thrilled she’s spearheading this!

Today is Ash Wednesday, and Lent has begun. Traditionally, Lent is a time of preparation and self-examination, of fasting. Most often we hear of what people are ‘giving up’ for Lent. At VCW, we’d like to experiment in ‘offering up’ our artistic talents to the Creator God as we prepare our hearts and our lives for the Easter miracle.

On the Friday nights during the season of Lent, from February 8 – March 21(Good Friday), we will be opening the church to artists of all sorts and all talent levels to explore Lent artistically. From 7-9 pm we’ll have warm drinks, a warm building, some music and space to Create. Artists should bring brushes and palettes (or whatever their art requires). From beginner to professional, all who are on a spiritual journey are welcome.

One of our primary values at VCW is to value art and artists. We believe that God has given a ‘voice’ to artists that we need to nurture and hear. These nights will be sort of like a prayer meeting on Friday nights, only with Art. My idea is that prayer and worship aren’t isolated to just singing or praying in the ways that we accustomed to. Artistic expression can be an incredible act of devotion and introspection, an interesting dance with God.

Our first Art Night will be this Friday, February 8. Please come, bring friends, and observe Lent through Art.

If you have questions, send me an email.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Marc A. Pitman

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  1. Rob

    Very, very cool. Why don’t I live closer to you all?

    Feel free to drop by http://lent2008.wordpress.com

    Jon has gathered a small flock to write during Lent.

  2. Renee

    cool, I’d be there if I lived closer… and could somehow take photos of my garden & the outdoors while hanging out inside your church on dark, winter Friday nights. Can’t think of anything else I do that I would consider graphic art.

  3. Marc

    Rob: Thanks!

    Renee: You did do a nice video production. =)

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