Can you help me name this brew?

I’m getting ready to bottle my third brew.

#1 was Bombadil, a nice java stout. Tom Bombadil was a great magical character in Lord of the Rings that didn’t really need to be there but certainly makes the books richer.

#2 was Advent Ale, an sort of spiced ale. Advent is a significant time of the year for me.

#3 is a nut brown ale. But I’m really not wanting to just call it “nut brown ale.” B-o-r-i-n-g.

So would you help? There may be something in it for the winning contribution!

Marc A. Pitman

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  1. Janice

    How about explorer ale?


  2. Janice

    or Polar Ale?

    or New World Ale?

    or Butter Ale?

  3. Marc

    Ooh. These are great, Janice!

  4. Spring

    How about:
    “I’m a Nut” Brown Ale


  5. Spring

    or :
    Ima Nut Brown Ale

  6. Marc

    Yep…you are a nut! 😉

  7. Spring

    They just come to me. 😉

  8. rich

    “Prudish Nutz Brown Ale”

  9. Patrick

    How about Thoreauly Nutty Ale?
    Thoreau wrote about Bangor in “The Maine Woods”, and visited there often.
    Yeah, it is punny, but I tend to think naming things according to some local connection is a good way to go.

  10. Benedict

    Treebeard Ale.

  11. Katie

    “Toasted MP’s! brew”

  12. Marc

    Very nice! Keeping the LOTR thing going!

  13. John

    My wife suggested honoring your mentor and calling it the Strout Brown Ale as oppose to the Stout brown ale. Only later do you have to let Phil know that he is the nut your beer is named after.

  14. John

    Waterville Brown Ale

  15. John

    Check out this link for more information

    From this I got the following ideas:

    John Brown Ale
    Brown Freedom Ale
    Osawatomie Brown Ale
    Osawatomie Freedom Ale
    Old Brown Ale
    Freedom 21 Brown Ale
    21 Freedom Brown Ale

    Vintage 21 Ale (link must be included)

    Check out the link to see my thoughts on it.

    Bless you,

  16. Marc

    Katie: I like it!

  17. Marc

    John and Shelly: WOW!!! What names.

    Phil’s definitely a nut…

    And the others are fun too. Especially the Vintage-esque ones… 🙂

  18. John

    John Brown was a New Englander too. Conn. guy but still a NE resident.

  19. rich

    Phreak Brown Ale

  20. Marc

    Is Conn part of New England?

  21. sarah

    why have you overlooked the whole small furry nut-eating rodent connection?
    nothing makes a beer tastier than a label with a cute little chipmunk!

  22. Marc

    So true!

    Drunkin’ Munk?

    (pun intended)

  23. Janice

    Okay! So what did you end up naming it?


  24. Marc

    Thanks Janice!

    I haven’t yet. It’s not drinkable for another week so I feel I still have time. 🙂

    I’m liking “Nuttin’ Ales ME” — suggested by some friends in CA.

  25. Wendy

    nothing truly inspirational here…but thought I’d share them anyway.

    Dan came up with the Nutty Professor and the Minister’s Nutty Ale, Nuttin’ Ales ME
    I came up with Nut & New Brew (said quickly is Nuttin New) or Nuttin Newat Ale

  26. Janice

    oh I love it!

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