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Thanks to Church Leader Insights for pointing me to this Barna Research posting relating to various groups, particularly the “unattached.”

1 in 4 adults fit the “unattached” label. These are what I’d call the “unchurched.” Interestingly, about 60% of them consider themselves Christians, many “born again” Chrisitians. But they revel in their independence and see little need for regular attendence in a community of faith.

Barna lists these characteristics:

Compared to regular churchgoers, the Unattached are:

  • more likely to feel stressed out
  • less likely to be concerned about the moral condition of the nation
  • much less likely to believe that they are making a positive difference in the world
  • less optimistic about the future
  • far less likely to believe that the Bible is totally accurate in its principles
  • substantially more likely to believe that Satan and the Holy Spirit are symbolic figures, but are not real
  • more likely to believe that Jesus Christ sinned while He was on earth
  • much more likely to believe that the holy literature of the major faiths all teach the same principles even though they use different stories
  • less likely to believe that a person can be under demonic influence
  • more likely to describe their sociopolitical views as “mostly liberal” than “mostly conservative”

This is the group I think the Vineyard Church of Waterville is here to reach. But these are the least likely to actually come to a church service! Ironic, don’tcha think? 🙂

I will tell you, we’re a worshipping community that is passionate about Jesus but not hung up on things like politics or the moral condition of our nation.

Rather than nit-picking about the other points, we’re definitely committed to giving people an opportunity to experience God’s hope and his promise of “a future” for us.

One of the greatest parts of this type of church plant is that we can’t really take credit for any growth or success! It’s all from God!

Read the entire Barna article here.

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