Almost time for our worship night!

I can’t wait for our 7 p.m. worship and ministry time tonight!

By “ministry” we mean laid-back, non-hyped prayer for each other. One person gets prayed for by many. Lots of the prayer is listening to God, asking Him to bring His Kingdom to the person’s life, and see what we sense He might be saying. Then we take the big risk of saying, “I could be way off but…blah blah blah. Does that mean anything?”

We always give the person we’re praying for the respect of telling us we’re way off. They are, after all, a very important part of the prayer team!

Huh. I’d just intended to post about tonight. But now I’ve gone and done a little teaching. Wow.

Any way, check out the details on the Facebook VCW event page.

And feel free to come. We’re going to have a great time!

Marc A. Pitman

Marc A. Pitman helps leaders lead their teams with more effectiveness and less stress. The author of "Ask Without Fear!®," he is the founder of The Concord Leadership Group and He's also the executive director of and an Advisory Panel member of Rogare, a prestigious international fundraising think tank. He is the husband to his best friend and the father of three amazing kids. And if you drive by him on the road, he’ll be singing 80’s tunes loud enough to embarrass his family! You can connect with him on Google+, on Twitter @marcapitman, and like "Ask Without Fear!" on Facebook. To get his free ebook on 21 ways to get board members engaged with fundraising, go to

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