Funeral for a Church – an order of worship

Well, today is the day we closed the Vineyard Church of Waterville. (Earlier posts in this process are: Going out with a bang and Free Gas on Channel 6.)

I’ve never had a funeral for a church before, but I think we did an exceptional job today. Here was our order of worship:

  • Opening song: “More than Ever” from the Dwell DVD
  • Offering
  • Purging of the church

    We spent about 30 minutes tossing things into the dumpster. Everyone got to play. 😉 We filled it high. Then we took a sawz-all to the the old church sign and “buried” it in the dumpster. It was quite cathartic for all of us.

  • Horizons DVD

    I am immensely proud of being part of the Vineyard movement. This video shows where we come from, what we stand for, and where we’re going. You can see this wonderful 18 minute video at

  • Communion with the worship song “Dwell”
  • Prayer

    We pushed the chairs back and held hands to pray. We thanked God for this portion of the journey. We prayed for our time of rest. And we gave thanks for the people that have been part of the journey that weren’t there by offering up their names.

  • Stacking of the chairs

Then we all came over to our house for a cookout.

Now, the floor is bare, the fridge is empty, and the signs are down.

Please pray for us as we rest, both that we will grow closer to Jesus and that we will rest. (Already I’ve had numerous opportunities to get really busy with pastor-type stuff this summer. So far, I’ve been able to respectfully say “no”!)

Remember, if you want to be notified of our new church plant, there’s a email sign up list at

It’s funny, I’ve always said that VCW had to plant a new church in our first five years. I just didn’t realize the next church plant would be another Vineyard in Waterville!

Marc A. Pitman

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