Are you living off God’s call on someone else?

Chris Forbes just posted a link to a great blog post: “Bootleg Faith”.

As a pastor, I’ve become highly aware of the tendency of other people to live their faith off of what I say to them. Scary, isn’t it?

Sure, what I say and do should lead people closer to Jesus.

But it’s scary when people forget that the pastor isn’t God. Each of us need to be hearing directly from God. We definitely need to do that in the context of a community of faith with great pastoral leadership. But simply being in a community of faith with great leadership is no substitute for hearing from God.

In the blog post, Ginger (the blogger) compares her using someone else’s WiFi signal to access the web with the way we often slip into “accessing” God. In it, she says:

But when it comes to my hearing directly from God, I admit, I’m guilty of sponging off other’s signals, from pastor to friends, even shaky two bar signals from popular TV evangelists.

Read the whole post. It’s good for your soul.

(Who wouldn’t want to read a blogger that calls Bible reading “the caffeine of Christianity”?!) 🙂

Marc A. Pitman

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    one of the results we have created with this whole sharp clergy/laity boundary.

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