Central Maine demographics

Just read these demographic numbers in today’s paper. Still not sure what to make of them.

The five highest employing occupations in Kennebec County, from highest to least high, he said, are: office and administrative support (average salary $26,541); sales ($22,734); food preparation and serving ($17,482); transportation and material moving ($24, 211) and health-care practitioners ($51,002).

Marc A. Pitman

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  1. rich

    Long term..who knows..we keep electing frikin idiots to run this state. I think until Mainers wake up to the fact that high taxes/burdensome regulatory practices = stifling economy, we’re gonna continue to move in the direction of being largely a tourist state, as far as revenue.

    Short term, that’s why folks end up moving down here after high school/college

    My most humble & uneducated opinion.
    ps. frikin idiots may be harsh…maybe not

  2. Marc

    Hi Rich,

    I’ve been told that we get the government we deserve!


  3. rich

    yeah. hear ya

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