More Sof-speak

More of my three year old’s language. You won’t find these words on the street. But this guide will help you if you ever have the privilege of navigating through our family life.

A “tie-bow” or “bie-toe” isn’t an exercise video. It’s that thing daddy wears around his neck when he goes to the hop-spit-tal.

A “hop-spit-al” is the place where daddy works and the cool helicopter lands.

“Moh-cky and Cheese” is the yellow pasta dish that she helps mommy make. The stuff daddy doesn’t eat even though she thinks it’s so yummy.

If she says “I give you,” you have to figure out what she means by the context. It usually means she forgives you.

Marc A. Pitman

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  1. rich

    doode man, I absolutely LOVE those bizarro ways they say things!
    I so miss Levi’s version of “couple” which for a long time came out a “pupple”

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