Getting behind Inland

Gotta love it when your mayor says things like this in support of your nonprofit.

Here’s a taste of the comments quoted in the newspaper:

“It means we put all our eggs into Inland,” he said. “As the mayor, I will fight like hell to make Inland a strong community hospital for Waterville.”

And he is.

It’s hard to be really excited. The other hospital is the leading employer in our community. This is just like another mill closing–not a pleasant thing in this former mill town.

But it is nice to have advocates as enthusiastic and generous as he is!

Marc A. Pitman

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  1. rich

    wow, I hadn’t heard…
    gee, if I’da gotten that job at MG, I’da been moving jobs to Augusta..

    Well, it sounds like a little more security for Inland folks? no?

  2. Marc

    This has been playing out for as long as I’ve been here. But I do think this will be very positive for Inland’s growth.

  3. Jeane Goforth

    And ours just formed an Olympic committee (
    Last week he proposed building 5 fountains around town, one of which would fund my non-profit’s dream budget. I heard yesterday that Alabama has 10 communities within the nation’s top 100 violent cities. Which is more likely to change that? Installing a fountain in the middle of traffic or providing an intensive after-school music program for inner city youth?

  4. Marc

    Jeane, He’s serious about that, huh?

    I wonder how we can make after-school music seem as cool and sexy as the Olympics.

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