My current stack of books

My books, before and after the Amazon Kindle

Back in March, I wrote a post called What’s on your bedside table?.

Last month, I got an Amazon Kindle.

I love it!

I have about six times more books on my bedstand and room for my coffee cup. 🙂

Marc A. Pitman

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  1. Janice


    How does that work? Do you buy the kimble and then purchase the rights to read the books?


  2. Marc

    Hi Jan,

    Yep, you buy a Kindle (or get someone to buy one for you!).

    Then you purchase the less expensive ebook/Kindle book versions of the books you want.

    You can do this from the Amazon site or from the Kindle itself.

    I did run into a situation this weekend where two books I was interested in weren’t available in Kindle versions.

    The cool thing (for me) is that you can also email PDF’s to yourself and have them show up on your kindle.

  3. rich

    hmm, I dunno…..
    I still love & prefer turning paper pages..

    But ya can’t deny the instant gratification factor that our generation is famous for!

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