The name game: Naming an Irish Red Ale

Jack, Jack, bo-back,
Banana-fana fo-fack

I started a new batch of beer tonight. This time it’s an Irish Red Ale. And it’s once again time to ask your help in naming my brew.

If I were to use the Name Game song, would it be:

Ale, ale, bo-bale
Banana-fana fo-fale

My last ale was a fail, so I’m thinking I’ll name this one “Atonement Ale” to atone for my past. 🙂

What do you creative folks think? What other names would go with this theme?

Marc A. Pitman

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  1. Larry Hehn

    Ginger Ale

    Scarlet O’Hara

    Crimson Tied (always gotta throw in a bow tie reference…)

    Red Rover

    Sunset Ale

    Irish Setter

  2. Larry Hehn

    Oops, one more:

    Crimson and Clover

  3. Marc A. Pitman

    I’m loving these!!

    But thanks to you I have “Crimson & Clover, over and over” going through my head!!

  4. Janice

    What’s wrong with leaving it at “Irish Red”?

  5. Marc A. Pitman

    Janice, you are so good asking the good questions!

    There’s nothing “wrong” with leaving it Irish Red. But that’s so…easy.

  6. Marc A. Pitman

    I just realized that this brew may not “atone” for my last one…What if this doesn’t turn out well?

    Maybe I should call it “Mea Culpa” or something. 🙂

  7. Janice

    ok what did you name it?

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