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Say what?!

And God said, “I will be with you. And this will be the sign to you that it is I who have sent you: When you have brought the people out of Egypt, you will worship God on this mountain.”
– Exodus 3:12 NIV

Reading my 14 Minutes a Day reading today, I stumbled across Exodus 3:12 (quoted above.

I always think of Moses as a bit annoying. God says to go, so go, darn it!

But this verse jumped out at me. Basically God is saying, “Go confront the global power of the Earth on behalf of the oppressed. Just to prove this is from Me, after you’ve successfully completed all the tasks involved with confronting the leader of the world and taking what he sees as his stuff, you’ll be back in this very spot worshipping Me.”

Say what?!

Can you imagine Moses response to “As a sign to you, after you have done all this well, you will worship Me.” “Gee, thanks God. Would it be too inconveninent to also give me some help with the details? Did you notice they had an APB out for my arrest when I left? Or that my people have been slaves there for four hundred years? Or that my people didn’t even want my help the last time I tried? Just sayin’.”

Being in the midst of a move to Greenville, SC, I feel some of what Moses must’ve felt. Ok, we’re not (knowingly) going to right the wrong of centuries of oppression. Or to confront world powers by standing up for the poor and oppressed, although my wife and I do want to be more intentional in that.

But I do hear myself saying, “The movers would like to know where they’ll be delivering our boxes. Could You please look in Your address book and let us know too?” 🙂

It’s all good. I know that. He’s moving things so fast.

  • Our house was under contract 8 days after the first showing.
  • When our son auditioned for a jazz program two weeks ago, he was accepted on the spot.
  • And every talk I’ve given since April has had someone either from Greenville or with a Greenville connection.

They’ve all been wonderfully helpful and hospitable. Still, I’m reminded me of the Smalltown Poets song “Hold it up to the Light.”

The search for my future has brought me here
This is more than I’d hoped for, but sometimes I fear
That the choice I was made for will someday appear
And I’ll be too late for that flight…

Now as soon as I’m moving, my choice is good
This way comes through right where I prayed that it would…

I guess God likes motion. So I’m glad we’re moving. And I’m so thankful that all our kids get to see this side of their Mom and Dad.

And I’m sure we’ll have an address before long.

You can hear the whole Smalltown Poets song right here:

If you want to hear the folksy intro from David Wilcox about how the song was written, go here:

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