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Pitman Imperial Irish Meat Pie

Imperial Irish Meat PieOur first meat pie in our new house called for a new recipe. So in addition to all the meat pie recipes I’ve done in the past, I incorporated parts of an Irish Stout Pie and BBC’s Proper beef, ale, & mushroom pie.

Here’s what I did!

Pitman Imperial Irish Meat Pie

  • 2 pounds of chuck
  • Flour
  • Bacon fat
  • 2 carrots
  • 2 celery stalks
  • 2 onions
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 1 cup mushrooms
  • Beef bullion
  • 12 ounces Lagunita Imperial Stout
  • 2 tablespoons raisins
  • 1 tablespoon brown sugar
  • Salt & Pepper
  • 2 pie crusts

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

  1. Cut the steak into 1/2 inch cubes and sprinkle with flour. Then brown in bacon fat in a skillet. Salt and pepper to taste.
  2. Transfer the steak into a pot.
  3. Sautée onions in skillet (add more bacon fat if necessary). Add carrots, celery, and mushrooms in skillet and let cook. Add bullion, beer, and garlic cloves. Let all simmer. Salt and pepper to taste.
  4. Add the brown sugar and raisins.
  5. If you got a bigger bottle of beer, sip some of the extra.
  6. Pour skillet contents into pot with steak.
  7. Cover pot and cook in oven for 2 to 2.5 hours. Stir occasionally.
  8. Once the stew is done, take out and heat the oven to 400 degrees.
  9. Place one crust in a pie pan and put in oven for 8-10 minutes until somewhat brown.
  10. Spoon stew into pie and cover with second crust. (I cut slits in the top of the second crust.)
  11. Cook in oven for 15-20 minutes until brown.
  12. Let sit for a few minutes. Then cut and enjoy!

The Pitman Imperial Stout Meat Pie is definitely a great pie. I liked the mushroom mix I picked up at the new Lowe’s grocery store near us. It included shiitake and oyster mushrooms. Next time I will probably sprinkle on cheddar cheese before putting the second crust on top.

Yes, there will definitely be a next time!

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