Ever since I started in fundraising, people have asked me if I could teach them. For most of the first decade, I’d say I couldn’t. And I thought it was true.

It wasn’t.

I started teaching fundraising seminars at a local community college and found out people really “caught” what I taught.

So those classes, experiences with my fundraising coaching clients, and ongoing feedback from nonprofit leaders I’ve helped led me to write a book on ideas for effective fundraising. But rather than right it to people like me, I wrote it for board members of nonprofits. That way the organizations would grow alot stronger.

The book is called Ask Without Fear! a simple guide to connecting donors with what matters to them most.. I worked really hard to keep it easy to read and less than 100 pages.

It’s incredibly gratifying to see it helping people all over the world–literally!

For even more ideas for fundraising check out my fundraising blog. I’ve been writing there for over 5 years and have hundreds of free articles to help you fundraise effectively!

Of course there’s even more fundraising webinars and books for sale in my Fundraising Coach Store.