Crowd-sourced Summer Reading Suggestions

So far this summer, most of my reading has been nonfiction. Having a yearning to read fiction, I asked my social networks what they recommended.

Thanks to @amuhs, @llake, @cloudspark, @ddpaek, @LarryHehn, @frankmckay, my Twitter request yielded these suggestions:

And on Facebook Tom Golway, Hannah Doak Clifton, Elektra Damianos Gaebelien, Denise Lafountain, Greg Daly, Michell Arnold Paine, Kate Arnold Fitzpatrick, Katelyn Jo Melanson, Richard Cebra, Amy Cyrway, Maggie Hall, Jeff Pouland, Robert Sezak, Wayne Burke, Jean Coltart, Kathleen Tozier Duprey, Joanna Tracy Martel, Bill Taylor, and Faye Nicholson recommended:

These are all (affiliate) linked to Amazon but Robert Sezak reminded me that most of these books can be purchased at used books stores like RE-BOOKS in Waterville!

Love & War: a new book on marriage from John & Stasi Eldredge

Love & War is the latest book from John and Stasi Eldredge. From the authors that brought us Wild at Heart, Captivating, and Epic, comes a book specifically on marriage. So when WaterBrook Multnomah offered to send me a book to reivew, I jumped at the opportunity!

I just got the book but right from the introduction, you get vintage Eldredge take on life. Stasi narrates a wedding ceremony John is officiating. I wish my ceremony had been like this! I love this quote from John:

Daniel and Megan, you are about to abandon yourselves to each other, throw caution to the wind, forsake independence, isolation, and all others. You will vow to each other you undying love. Before you do, we must call this what it is–this is perfect madness.

So true!

The chapters are:

Introduction: It Can Be Done

  1. Remembering What We Wanted
  2. Love and War
  3. A Perfect Storm
  4. The Greatest Gift You Can Give
  5. More Than Just Roommates
  6. How to Have a Really Good Fight
  7. A Shared Adventure
  8. Back-to-Back with Swords Drawn
  9. The Little Foxes
  10. When Storms Descend
  11. The Chapter on Sex
  12. Learning to Love

Appendix: Prayers

The prayers alone make this book a tremendous asset!

I love how the Eldredges remind us of the great adventure we’re on. That’s why we resonate with the great stories and movies of risk and adventure and friendship.

This book helps re-orient the perspectives of married couples. Marriage is a fight, but it’s also a bold adventure. The Eldredges are terrific guides on the journey.

MK337 Marketing on the Internet

I just finished writing a syllabus for MK337 “Marketing on the Internet,” a course I’ll be teaching in the spring at Thomas College.

I’m very excited about these 16 weeks! One of the projects for each student will be to actually market something, a prodcut, service, membership site…just about anything!

In addition to blogs and articles on the web, the text books include:

It’s an undergraduate course, but if you want to join us, I’m sure the Thomas College registrar might be able to help. ๐Ÿ™‚

Amazon’s new pricing strategy?

A colleague recommended a particular book this morning, so I went to Amazon to check it out.

Here’s what I saw on the home page:

Take a look at this close up:

Do you see the book on the right? It used to cost $10 but now Amazon buyers can get it for only $14.04?

I wonder if Amazon’s experimenting with a new pricing structure. Pretty bold in a down economy. ๐Ÿ™‚

Our favorite version of the Christmas story

Every Christmas morning, before open gifts, we pause to eat fresh scones and biscotti while listening to the Christmas story.

Our favorite is The Nativity by Julie Vivas. We got it years ago from one of my best friends from college and his wife. The text is the King James, poetic if a bit archaic. (My 9 year old son read it today. He kept saying, “Huh? They did what?” ๐Ÿ™‚ )

But the images. What images! Angels with bulky boots and huge, colorful wings. The faces of sheer awe, wonder, and delight. Wow!

This book definitely reminds us of what Christmas is really about and who the real gift of Christmas is.

Would you help get my book into Starbucks?

Could I ask you a big Friday favor?

Would you help me get Ask Without Fear! into Starbucks stores?

My local baristas strongly encouraged me to try to get Ask Without Fear! into Starbucks in conjunction with the National Philanthropy days in November. The "grassroots" appeal of the book is perfect for the typical Starbucks customer.

Naturally, as a former barista, I loved the idea! I think it’d be awesome to have Ask Without Fear! featured in stores!

So I found the agency that arranges for book promotions. Their email is: I’ve emailed a couple times but haven’t heard anything back.

National Philanthropy Day is November 15 but groups celebrate it whenever it’s convenient to their previously scheduled events. So there’s a long "celebration" time for National Philanthropy. It also positions Starbucks as a proponent of philanthropy and partnering with the communities it serves.

I wrote "Ask Without Fear!" to be a simple guide to inspire and equip normal people to start raising money for their favorite causes. Definitely a grassroots thing.

The book is available through distributors like Ingram and all the major retailers including Barnes & Nobles and Amazon. And the book has been featured and positively reviewed in national print publications as well as on the blogosphere.

Would you send them a quick email today encouraging them to do a "National Philanthropy Day" promotion featuring Ask Without Fear!? The email address is Getting an email from you will really help!

Thanks so much!