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Marc knows nonprofits. The author of the Ask Without Fear! series of books, The Surprising Gift of Doubt, and research reports on nonprofit leadership, he understands not only strategic planning, leadership, and casting vision. He also knows how to raise money. 

And he can help you.

Marc works with your nonprofit to craft the best, researched-based strategies with the unique situation of your nonprofit. World-class research, customized for you.




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We LOVED your Exactly What to Say for Nonprofit Leaders session!! In fact, the Monday after we got back, I called a major donor and asked for a $15,000 matching gift by saying "I don’t know if this is for you, but..." and the donor said "Okay." Just like that. I was so shocked. We’re a little nonprofit just getting going and $15,000 is HUGE for us.
Your tips on what to say have lifted so much pressure off me, the people I’m working with, and the amazing donors who are doing this work with us. Talking to everyone feels easier, lighter, more like a rally and less like a self-afflicted guilt trip from not knowing how exactly to put things.
Madison Vulkanblomst CEO The Avenue Project
Madison Vulkanblomst
CEO, The Avenir Project
He helped me understand effective fundraising for the first time. I wish I had known five years ago all I've learned in the last year.
Katherin Wiebe
Institute for Collective Trauma & Growth
He knows fundraising, no doubt! More than that he knows how to engage people, and that is the secret to fundraising! I recommend Marc highly.
Pearl Shaw
We doubled our donations (year-over-year) by executing well a new fundraising strategy based on principles we learned from Marc.
Marketing Consultant
Paul Caliglione
Marketing Consultant

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