Baking with beer: more muffins and a loaf of bread

A couple weeks ago, I shared a recipe for making muffins with beer. These were so good, I decided to try again.
Stormy Seas Stout Muffins
This time I used my Stormy Seas Stout. The muffins were definitely darker than those made with the O’Darn Irish Red! But still tasty. And incredibly easy!

So, I decided to try out an almost too easy beer bread recipe that my friend Renee pointed to on the Farmgirl Fare blog.


Almost Too Easy Bread made with beer from Pitman BrewingThis bread is, as we say in Maine, “wicked” easy!

Here’s the loaf I made with my hoppy Fruit of Eden beer. This tasted amazingly good. Especially with a ham and cheese sandwich!!

Fruit of Eden: Hoppyness in the adventures of Pitman Brewing

Fruit of Eden
This is my latest ale. A tribute to my enjoyment of hops.

This is a great beer. (It’s called Tongue Splitter from NortherBrewer.)

This is hoppy and fruity. Sort of citrus-y. In a really yummy.

And only 3% ABV. So you can enjoy more. 🙂

The name game: Naming an Irish Red Ale

Jack, Jack, bo-back,
Banana-fana fo-fack

I started a new batch of beer tonight. This time it’s an Irish Red Ale. And it’s once again time to ask your help in naming my brew.

If I were to use the Name Game song, would it be:

Ale, ale, bo-bale
Banana-fana fo-fale

My last ale was a fail, so I’m thinking I’ll name this one “Atonement Ale” to atone for my past. 🙂

What do you creative folks think? What other names would go with this theme?

Elf Warmer Ale – The Latest Brew from Pitman Brewing

Thanks to Elizabeth, Tina, Carl, Rich, Frank, Sean, and Larry, I had a lot of name suggestions for this brew!

  • Holiday Scotch-hops
  • Elf Warmer Ale
  • What Ales You?
  • Wintah’s Best Ale
  • Frikin Good Ale
  • Saint Marc’s Maine Ale
  • Santas Stout
  • Holiday Hammeredtime!
  • Colossal Wassail?
  • Immanu – Ale?
  • Manger Ale?
  • Yule Tied Ale? (labeled with a picture of Santa in a bow tie…)
  • Mull of Kintyre
  • Mull Tipple

I decided to go with “Elf Warmer Ale.”

It’s all bottled and the labels are made. (I had fun with the Should be “officially” ready in 2 weeks…but I’m enjoying some of the fruit of my labor right now. 🙂

Help name my Bock

I’m in the process of brewing a new batch of beer. This time it’s a Bock. Bock’s have a cool liturgical history. Here’s what Wikipedia has to say:

Bock is a strong lager which has origins in the Hanseatic town Einbeck, Germany. The name is a corruption of the medieval German brewing town of Einbeck, but also means “Bock” (male deer or goat) in German. The original Bocks were dark beers, brewed from high-colored malts. Modern Bocks can be dark, amber or pale in color. Bock was traditionally brewed for special occasions, often religious festivals such as Christmas, Easter or Lent.

Bocks have a long history of being brewed and consumed by Roman Catholic monks in Germany. During the Spring religious season of Lent, monks were required to fast. High-gravity Bock beers are higher in food energy and nutrients than lighter lagers, thus providing sustenance during this period. Similar high-gravity Lenten beers of various styles were brewed by Monks in other lands as well (see Trappist beer). It was rumored that Martin Luther drank this beer during the Diet of Worms.

What should I call it? There are a lot of ideas from the Wikipedia article.

“I’ll be Bock.”, with a nod to the Terminator, is an option.

So are names playing off of Johann Sebastian Bach.

I’m sure there are even more. What would you name it?

Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me!

There was a great joke on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me! this morning. Well many, but only one about Inbev’s purchase of Budweiser.

Evidently, the deal was sealed when Inbev, the company behind Bass Ale and Beck’s, promised to not mess with the Budweiser formula. Apparently there was concern that Inbev might change Budweiser to make it actually taste like beer. 🙂

Nuttin’ Ales ME

Congratulations to Dan and Wendy Dow who suggested the winning name for my latest brew, a nut brown ale.

I’m making up labels for this brew!

I’d give you a couple as a prize, but you’ll have to come to Maine. I think mailing bottles of beer must break some sort of federal law.

Thanks to everyone. This was a fun contest. And I feel I know some of you even better than I did before…especially the names suggested via email and Facebook! 🙂