Not gonna hack my wife’s blog, but I will brag

Allume Conference 2012Apparently if I hack my wife’s blog with this post, I could win an iPad.

I’m all for a challenge. And I know this is in good fun. But I have no more interest in “hacking” into her blog than I have of her hacking into any of my blogs.

But I am excited about how God is using Allume in her life. It’s been wonderful to see her come alive in a renewed way as she’s prepared for Allume. I’m loving watching her continue to define herself and to trust that she already has discovered her voice. And that it’s a good voice.

Whether it is her wonderful 31 Day of Christmas Planning or her 5 Minute Friday experiments, or her post about making Roman shades for our room, she’s a gifted writer with a lot to offer the world.

Growing together

I married well. When we got married 17 years ago, we did it to minister together. Her explorations on her blog are helping us revisit the conversation of working together. I love the idea of us blogging together! (We’ve already played at that with the “he said, she said” experiments.)

It’s even more thrilling to think of us sharing the stage. In writing and in speaking, Emily helps people grow and become more of who they truly are.

She’s had it all along

We recently came across some writing she did for the family over a decade ago. Her writing makes our family richer. She was a great writer then too. But I love how getting ready to go to Allume seems to have renewed her confidence.

And it’s fun to be the one at home hearing about all the cool experiences he’s having!

Check out HopeCaptive

Her blog is definitely worth putting into your blog reader. It’s currently at

Prayer around the dinner table at the Pitmans

Our kids crack us up.

Here’s how our grace went tonight.

9 year old son: Can I say grace?

My wife, knowing he was going to literally say the word “grace”: Only if you’ll pray, not just say “grace.”

Son: Ok, I’ll pray a real prayer.

We all bow our heads solemnly.

Son: Help.


Me, leaning over toward him: Would you care to expand on that?

Our 6 year old daughter, not missing a beat: Help…everybody!

We all busted out laughing.

And laughter is really the best prayer, isn’t it? πŸ™‚

Great Falls Balloon Festival

Here are some pix from this a.m.
Bear Hug?
Would this be considered a “bear hug”? πŸ™‚

Chair only balloon!
This one had a chair instead of a basket!

CMN Balloon
The CMN Balloon

Family under foot
Looks like my family is under foot! πŸ˜‰ This was a h-u-g-e dragon.

We got up early for a Saturday.

But it was worth it.

Emily’s got some stunning photos in her Great Falls Balloon Festival picasa gallery. 75 in fact!

Hanging in DC

I’m here in DC having given a 4-hour pre-conference session on “Marketing and Fundraising for a Small Shop” at the American Marketing Association’s Nonprofit Marketing Conference. We had a great, lively session.

The best part is I get to be here with my 8-year old son. We’ve gone to the International Spy Museum and the ever popular Air and Space Museum. And tonight, we played Battleship at a very posh restaurant at the Mandarin Oriental.

It used to be that everytime I came to DC, I could feel the power saturating the city. It was heady. And easy to get caught up in.

This time, I sense none of that. So I’m wondering if I’m getting more mature…or more naΓ―ve . πŸ™‚