Free Gas on Channel 6

Caroline Cornish of WCSH Channel 6 did a wonderful story on the free gas give away.

The video is at:

She’s got a fun, corny ending that fits me to a “T”!

As I was thinking about closing the Vineyard Church of Waterville, I came up with a new analogy. If a car breaks down, you don’t yell at the passengers or order them to get out of the car and push it. You take it to the shop and have it fixed.

That’s what we’re doing with the church. It sure beats pushing the car! ๐Ÿ™‚

Free gas!

It’s happening!

WCSH News was on hand to find out why we were giving away free gas and to hear about our plans for VCW 2.0. They even interviewed people at the pump!

There’s still some gas available, so if you’re in the Waterville area head over to Lucien’s Mobil (right off I-95 exit 127.) Regular gas is $3.73 but because the Vineyard is paying the first 25 cents on each gallon, the regular is $3.48!

It’s another fun way to help out our community.

[If you get Channel 6, would you tape tonight’s newscast? Our TV doesn’t necessarily get NBC but I’d love to have a copy.]