Setting Goals for 2013

image of the cover of The MagnetGoals Goal Setting Program WorkbookI love this time of the year. These next two weeks are a time of family, fun, introspection, celebration, work, and goal setting.

I’m one of those people that have been setting goals since I was a teenager. Probably even before that.

Now that I’m 40 (41 on January 6th!), I’m thrilled that goal setting has become a habit. I’ve gotten to do some pretty amazing things so far. I firmly believe setting goals helps me seize the opportunities that Life (I’d say God!) puts my way.

Reviewing 2012’s Goals

Each year, I write out at least 100 things I want to accomplish or do in the coming year. You read that correctly: one hundred.

I find the first 10 or so are relatively easy. But to get to 100, I really need to dig deep. And to dream.

This morning I reviewed the 100 I wrote for 2012. I accomplished about 50% so far. (There are still 8 days left in the year!) I still get thrilled to see those 50%. Some of them seemed so pie-in-the-sky twelve months ago!

Some of the things that haven’t yet happened will probably make it to my 2013 list. (I still write “Be favorably interviewed on Oprah” even though she’s no longer on regular network TV.) But others were worth the process of working on. I’d hoped to speak profitably in Poland in 2012. Those plans fell through. But the relationships I created or strengthened as a result of the trip planning are priceless.

Will you join me in 2013?

Will you join me on this journey? I call my process the “MagnetGoals Goal Setting System.” It’s my take on a couple of decades of studying goal setting. (Yes, I even studied goal setting as part of an official leadership program in college.)

You can get all the steps of the process as a free e-course (classes delivered by email) by going to Or you can buy the PDF, complete with printable worksheets.

MagnetGoals isn’t for everyone. But if you’re looking for a way to accomplish more in 2013, it just might be for you!

3 Words to Describe Your Year?

I’ve long been a fan of giving my year a theme. The one word or phrase helps me stay on track long after the rush of my “100 things to do” list is done.

This year’s theme is “implementation.” I love dreaming up grand plans and creating plans. But implementing them is a challenge. I always feel like I have more time to get things done.

Catching up on my RSS feeds today, I came across Chris Brogan’s concept of simplifying your goals to three words. I really like it.

So for 2009, mine are:
Strategize | Execute | Enjoy

Strategize: I love doing this so I want to keep this as a major thing I do, both for my own goals and for my clients.

Execute: I will learn to love doing this, largely because I love the results it brings.

Enjoy: I’m the kind of person that needs to give myself permission to enjoy things. Both work-related and personal.

What are your three for this year?

Holy Cow

Just had my annual “ScoreHealth” done.

I weigh 20 pounds more than I did this time last year. And my cholesterol is 30 points higher.

Sheesh. I knew I’d put on weight this year but didn’t realize I’d basically maintained the same weight for three years and then packed on 20 this year!

The biggest lifestyle changes this year seem to be

  1. brewing my own beer and
  2. DirecTV.

Now I don’t believe DirecTV makes me fat. Although I’d like to believe it. I’m still exercising very regularly and drinking fluids. But while watching TV, I must be grabbing snacks or desserts. Or beer.

On top of that, they now tell me that now that I’m in my mid-30’s my metabolism is probably slowing down.

Just when I need it more than ever, it leaves!

Oh well. Looks like I need to do some of that good-ol’ portion control and limiting of processed foods in 2008.

*sigh* Self discipline sucks.

But it’s gotta be better than type-2 diabetes.


I’m in the process of writing out my “100 dreams and goals for 2008.” (I use my own MagnetGoals program.)

This year, I started with a fresh piece of paper and my “life” and “5-year” goals. In 45 minutes at Starbucks, I’d jotted down about 50 things I want to do in 2008. Some of them are off-the-wall dreams. But it’s still half the list.

This morning, I’m going to go over my 2007 list of 100 things, see how I did and see what I can add to my 2008 list.

In the past, I’d started with the prior year list. It helped fill up my sheet but it didn’t exactly get me off to an “anything’s possible” beginning. It was more of a,”Sheesh, I accomplished a lot but there’s still a lot that didn’t get done” sort of beginning. More of a “downer” feeling.

So if you get the chance, I highly recommend going to a comfortable place with a clean pad of paper and letting your dreams go wild. It’s somewhat embarrassing. I often find myself thinking things like, “Gosh, I hope people don’t find this list or read over my shoulder! They’ll think I’m really stuck on myself.” Even “Would God be that good to me?”

But it’s really invigorating.

[For what it’s worth, when I find myself asking if God would be that good, I know that thought or idea is almost assuredly from Him. It’s just my concept of Him that’s too small. Afterall, He gave His own Son for me. What would He hold back?]