Are you checking the roots?

Camas Root (Camssia quamash)
I love the beginning of the calendar year. It feels like a fresh start. A chance to begin new habits and try new systems.

But today during quiet time with my wife, I was beginning to worry about change not happening quickly enough. Almost immediately, I saw a hand pulling up a plant to see if the roots were growing.

I got the message. It’s just the second non-holiday week of the year.

So here’s to a day, and a season, of doing the right things and trusting the new plants are taking root!

Are you enjoying your hamburger?

Are you enjoying your burger?

Let me tell you about a dream I had last night.

I wanted to get a burger at 5 Guys. I’ve never had one from there and a new 5 Guys had opened up in our city.

When I went there, it was packed. The line wasn’t out the door, but it might as well have been. I don’t like lines like that. They get stressful and people often get mean. So I started strategizing.

I decided to step outside, call in my order from my cellphone, and relax while it was being prepared.

The problem was…I didn’t have my cellphone. I wracked my brain to figure out where I left it. I also tried figuring out who I knew that would let me use their office phone to make the call.

As I was looking up to get the 5 Guys number off the sign, I realized I already had a burger. And I’d eaten half of it!

I’d been so focused on the seeking, that I hadn’t even realized I’d been munching on my burger. Somewhere along the way, I’d accomplished my goal. But I had such tunnel-vision, I missed it.

Sometimes success isn’t about the journey

I blogged about the fundraising implications of this dream over at But I really think this dream is about life.

It got me wondering: am I so focused on building my business and helping others that I am not realizing I already have achieved some of my goals.

Self-employment is amazing. The most exhilarating thing I’ve done, and the scariest. There’s no HR office to work with, no regular paychecks, no planned vacation days. Nothing happens financially unless I start it.

It’s easy to get so focused on building the business that I forget how much has been accomplished. I get so focused on getting the hamburger, I fail to see the one in my hand. And if I do recognize it, I’m too busy worried about where the next hamburger will come from to enjoy the one I have.

They say that success is a journey, not a destination. But sometimes it is a destination…at least a rest stop on the journey.

An invitation

I think this dream was an invitation for me. An invitation to enjoy what I have, savor it, cherish it. Family, friends, things, all of it.

I don’t have any formula for this recognizing and enjoying these rest stops. But I think that knowing they exist will help. It’s like GI Joe used to say, “Knowing is half the battle!”

How about you? How do you recognize and enjoy your accomplishments?

3 Words to Describe Your Year?

I’ve long been a fan of giving my year a theme. The one word or phrase helps me stay on track long after the rush of my “100 things to do” list is done.

This year’s theme is “implementation.” I love dreaming up grand plans and creating plans. But implementing them is a challenge. I always feel like I have more time to get things done.

Catching up on my RSS feeds today, I came across Chris Brogan’s concept of simplifying your goals to three words. I really like it.

So for 2009, mine are:
Strategize | Execute | Enjoy

Strategize: I love doing this so I want to keep this as a major thing I do, both for my own goals and for my clients.

Execute: I will learn to love doing this, largely because I love the results it brings.

Enjoy: I’m the kind of person that needs to give myself permission to enjoy things. Both work-related and personal.

What are your three for this year?