Irish Red Ale II: O’Darn Irish Red

O'Darn Irish Red Ale
O’Darn Irish Ale is my latest brew. This summer I brewed F.M.A., a really good Irish Red Ale.

Over the course of the summer, I developed a real liking for hops. So I decided to add some more hops to the next batch I brewed.


It’s still a good ale, it has a great finish. But it’s a bit tart at the start.

Won’t be doing that to this great Irish red again!

But I have a bit to work through before I have to worry about that. 🙂

And thanks to Larry Hehn for the name idea!

F.M.A. – the Independence Day 2009 brew from Pitman Brewing

The moment not so many of you have been waiting for…only one person I can think of, really…

But, drum roll please.

Announcing the name of my latest beer: F.M.A.!! [the crowd goes wild]

Give the weirdness of the last few brews, my wife asked me to brew one that she would drink. So I named this Irish Red Ale “Förlåt Mig Ale”, which in English is “Forgive Me Ale.” (Cool how the acronym works in both languages, huh? [crowd chuckles in appreciation])

I was going to call it “Atonement Ale” but that sounded too pretentious. And I liked Larry Hehn’s suggestion of calling it “O’Darn” given it’s Irish nature. But I’ve settled on F.M.A.

It’s sort of an apology for the last few. And a celebration of second chances (an third and fourth and fifth chances)! With the last few beers, I felt obligated to explain the history as in the origin of a bock, or the spices used, or why the beer really tastes like an iced coffee.

Not so with this one. It’s just a good beer. Very drinkable, not high in alcohol content, and best of all, I don’t have to explain anything. I can just say, “Would you like a beer I brewed?”

So, bottoms up and I hope you have fun celebrating the Fourth of July in your own way!

The name game: Naming an Irish Red Ale

Jack, Jack, bo-back,
Banana-fana fo-fack

I started a new batch of beer tonight. This time it’s an Irish Red Ale. And it’s once again time to ask your help in naming my brew.

If I were to use the Name Game song, would it be:

Ale, ale, bo-bale
Banana-fana fo-fale

My last ale was a fail, so I’m thinking I’ll name this one “Atonement Ale” to atone for my past. 🙂

What do you creative folks think? What other names would go with this theme?

Mo Joe Porter: My latest beer

Pitman Brewing Mo Joe Porter   Pitman Brewing Mo Joe Porter shakes

The latest beer, a coffee stout porter, is now in bottles. In two weeks, it’ll be ready to drink.

But that didn’t stop me from trying it tonight. Take a look at it in the mug:
Nice dark porter
Nice and dark. The way I like my beers: opaque.

The addition of ground coffee to the second fermentation may have been a bit much. The coffee flavor is very pronounced. Not a nice “hint” or “suggestion,” this coffee is in your face.

It reminds me of a bit of the failed Starbucks/Pepsi attempt at cold carbonated coffee drink called Mazagran. (Remember that short-lived experiment?)

Of course my cold coffee beverage has around 5.5% alcohol by volume. 🙂

If you quaff if, you can pick up the nice molasses notes. I hope the coffee decreases and the porter profile increases in the bottle conditioning.

Thanks to everyone the played my name the porter game. Larry Hehn wins again but there were so many great suggestions, I’m going to have to brew many more coffee porters!

Overall, not the best beer I’ve brewed. But definitely drinkable!

Elf Warmer Ale – The Latest Brew from Pitman Brewing

Thanks to Elizabeth, Tina, Carl, Rich, Frank, Sean, and Larry, I had a lot of name suggestions for this brew!

  • Holiday Scotch-hops
  • Elf Warmer Ale
  • What Ales You?
  • Wintah’s Best Ale
  • Frikin Good Ale
  • Saint Marc’s Maine Ale
  • Santas Stout
  • Holiday Hammeredtime!
  • Colossal Wassail?
  • Immanu – Ale?
  • Manger Ale?
  • Yule Tied Ale? (labeled with a picture of Santa in a bow tie…)
  • Mull of Kintyre
  • Mull Tipple

I decided to go with “Elf Warmer Ale.”

It’s all bottled and the labels are made. (I had fun with the Should be “officially” ready in 2 weeks…but I’m enjoying some of the fruit of my labor right now. 🙂