Irish Red Ale II: O’Darn Irish Red

O'Darn Irish Red Ale
O’Darn Irish Ale is my latest brew. This summer I brewed F.M.A., a really good Irish Red Ale.

Over the course of the summer, I developed a real liking for hops. So I decided to add some more hops to the next batch I brewed.


It’s still a good ale, it has a great finish. But it’s a bit tart at the start.

Won’t be doing that to this great Irish red again!

But I have a bit to work through before I have to worry about that. 🙂

And thanks to Larry Hehn for the name idea!

F.M.A. – the Independence Day 2009 brew from Pitman Brewing

The moment not so many of you have been waiting for…only one person I can think of, really…

But, drum roll please.

Announcing the name of my latest beer: F.M.A.!! [the crowd goes wild]

Give the weirdness of the last few brews, my wife asked me to brew one that she would drink. So I named this Irish Red Ale “Förlåt Mig Ale”, which in English is “Forgive Me Ale.” (Cool how the acronym works in both languages, huh? [crowd chuckles in appreciation])

I was going to call it “Atonement Ale” but that sounded too pretentious. And I liked Larry Hehn’s suggestion of calling it “O’Darn” given it’s Irish nature. But I’ve settled on F.M.A.

It’s sort of an apology for the last few. And a celebration of second chances (an third and fourth and fifth chances)! With the last few beers, I felt obligated to explain the history as in the origin of a bock, or the spices used, or why the beer really tastes like an iced coffee.

Not so with this one. It’s just a good beer. Very drinkable, not high in alcohol content, and best of all, I don’t have to explain anything. I can just say, “Would you like a beer I brewed?”

So, bottoms up and I hope you have fun celebrating the Fourth of July in your own way!