MK337 Marketing on the Internet

I just finished writing a syllabus for MK337 “Marketing on the Internet,” a course I’ll be teaching in the spring at Thomas College.

I’m very excited about these 16 weeks! One of the projects for each student will be to actually market something, a prodcut, service, membership site…just about anything!

In addition to blogs and articles on the web, the text books include:

It’s an undergraduate course, but if you want to join us, I’m sure the Thomas College registrar might be able to help. πŸ™‚

Amazon’s new pricing strategy?

A colleague recommended a particular book this morning, so I went to Amazon to check it out.

Here’s what I saw on the home page:

Take a look at this close up:

Do you see the book on the right? It used to cost $10 but now Amazon buyers can get it for only $14.04?

I wonder if Amazon’s experimenting with a new pricing structure. Pretty bold in a down economy. πŸ™‚

Ask Without Fear! sales strong

Ask Without Fear! A simple guide to connecting donors with what matters to them mostI once heard that the average book sells only about 500 copies. With the ease and variety of publishing options, and the ever-increasing number of bany books being published every year, this number seemed credible.

And as an author with a new book coming out, it was quite sobering. So I set a goal to sell 500 copies in my first year.

Today I get to say, “Thank you!”

My publisher just told me that Ask Without Fear! has sold 590 copies in it’s first four months!

With no major PR budget or ad push, I know this has been selling by word of mouth. Thanks for helping get the word out!

From the comments of readers, I know that the material in this book is:

  • helping “normal” people get excited about fundraising and, even better,
  • giving them the tools do it.

I know many of you have purchased a copy. And many more have recommended it to your friends. So once again, thank you!

[If you haven’t had the chance, would you encourage Starbucks to use “Ask Without Fear!” in a celebration of National Philanthropy Day? Just send an email to or read my blog post. ]

Playing with press releases

I’ve been experimenting with press releases.

PRWeb didn’t like my original recession proof fundraising press release. Apparently it wasn’t self-promotional enough. I hadn’t wanted a self-promotional release!

Well, the PRWeb approved press release is live and available at:

It was #1 when I last checked!

Tuition comes in many forms

I’ve been playing with Google AdWords and Facebook ads for my site, my Ask Without Fear! book, the Vineyard Church of Waterville, and for the cool KVConnect group.

I just reconciled my January and February charges for both.

Let’s just say that Facebook is really expensive. 4x’s the Google AdWords.

I have seen increased activity on my sites and slightly better sales. But I wasn’t at all focused in my advertising. Like channeling people to buying stuff at

I’m much more focused now.

I bet I’d have had to pay lots more if I hired someone to teach me this!

(That’s what I’m telling myself anyway!)