52 hours without Google+

picture of leaves from Peaks-Kenny State Park

I just finished being off the grid for 52 hours. Yep, no Google+. Or Facebook, or Twitter, either.

And I survived.

In fact, I highly recommend trying it.

Honestly, I freaked a little before hand. Having an internet connection seemed incredibly important. As I drove away from our house, I heard myself thinking thoughts like, “What will happen to Fundraising Coach? What if people want to hire me? What if I don’t answer an email or tweet all Friday?”

That’s when I knew I needed the break.

We all have triggers. One of my “I need to get out of this place” triggers is when I think my job will completely end without my hourly nurture. When I think that the world really does revolve around me, I know something is incredibly warped. So it’s great that I got to get away!

Looking back on the weekend, the lack of internet connection was sort of releasing. But what was really distracting, a complete surprise to myself, was not having brought a book along! *sigh* I got over that too. (And picked up the second Bourne book at a local bookstore on Saturday afternoon!)

I’ve now checked into Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. I am grateful for the connections. But I also love hanging out with my family by a fire and getting to look up at leaves like these.

I encourage you to try unplugging between now and the end of August. If you’re of the camping persuasion, I highly recommend a few nights at Peaks-Kenny State Park here in Maine. But if you do, go for 3 nights. Two wasn’t long enough. ๐Ÿ™‚

Goin’ home

One of the very best things about Fridays is that it’s a dedicated evening with my family.

I look forward to it all day. Even all week.

Nothing fancy. But all family.

As an added bonus, I try to observe a Sabbath rest on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings. That especially means no work related computer activity tonight. And it’s often easier to simply stay unplugged.

I love it.

As a tither, I believe that God can take my 90% far further than I could take my 100%.

As a growing disciple, I’m moving to the point of believing that God can take my 6 days further than I can take my 7.

A whole day seems challenging as a bi-vocational person. The most obvious day is Saturday, but that’s the best day for connecting with people too. Interestingly, my rabbi friend thinks it’s amusing that Christian pastors wrestle with this. Apparently, Sabbath is Sabbath. Rabbinic worship leading isn’t “work” like we protestants see it. It’s just how they celebrate Sabbath.

I’m still working on getting a day. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m not there yet. But I’m getting closer.

And now I’m going home!