Elf Warmer Ale – The Latest Brew from Pitman Brewing

Thanks to Elizabeth, Tina, Carl, Rich, Frank, Sean, and Larry, I had a lot of name suggestions for this brew!

  • Holiday Scotch-hops
  • Elf Warmer Ale
  • What Ales You?
  • Wintah’s Best Ale
  • Frikin Good Ale
  • Saint Marc’s Maine Ale
  • Santas Stout
  • Holiday Hammeredtime!
  • Colossal Wassail?
  • Immanu – Ale?
  • Manger Ale?
  • Yule Tied Ale? (labeled with a picture of Santa in a bow tie…)
  • Mull of Kintyre
  • Mull Tipple

I decided to go with “Elf Warmer Ale.”

It’s all bottled and the labels are made. (I had fun with the ElfYourself.com.) Should be “officially” ready in 2 weeks…but I’m enjoying some of the fruit of my labor right now. 🙂