Are you checking the roots?

Camas Root (Camssia quamash)
I love the beginning of the calendar year. It feels like a fresh start. A chance to begin new habits and try new systems.

But today during quiet time with my wife, I was beginning to worry about change not happening quickly enough. Almost immediately, I saw a hand pulling up a plant to see if the roots were growing.

I got the message. It’s just the second non-holiday week of the year.

So here’s to a day, and a season, of doing the right things and trusting the new plants are taking root!


I’m in the process of writing out my “100 dreams and goals for 2008.” (I use my own MagnetGoals program.)

This year, I started with a fresh piece of paper and my “life” and “5-year” goals. In 45 minutes at Starbucks, I’d jotted down about 50 things I want to do in 2008. Some of them are off-the-wall dreams. But it’s still half the list.

This morning, I’m going to go over my 2007 list of 100 things, see how I did and see what I can add to my 2008 list.

In the past, I’d started with the prior year list. It helped fill up my sheet but it didn’t exactly get me off to an “anything’s possible” beginning. It was more of a,”Sheesh, I accomplished a lot but there’s still a lot that didn’t get done” sort of beginning. More of a “downer” feeling.

So if you get the chance, I highly recommend going to a comfortable place with a clean pad of paper and letting your dreams go wild. It’s somewhat embarrassing. I often find myself thinking things like, “Gosh, I hope people don’t find this list or read over my shoulder! They’ll think I’m really stuck on myself.” Even “Would God be that good to me?”

But it’s really invigorating.

[For what it’s worth, when I find myself asking if God would be that good, I know that thought or idea is almost assuredly from Him. It’s just my concept of Him that’s too small. Afterall, He gave His own Son for me. What would He hold back?]